O2C | One2collect - By Moeller

O2C - One2collect is original, unique digital art graphinc and paintings By Moeller.

Simplicity | Fantasy | Uniqueness | Abstraction

Walking Cow | By Moeller 2016

Cow Walking | By Moeller

"Cow Walking - How the cow walks" By Moeller 2015.

This original digital art piece can be bought as an NFT on OpenSea.

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About O2C | By Moeller

Digital Art | O2C is dedicated to the Digital art form. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.

By Moeller | All work on O2C is made by the Danish artist By Moeller (b. 1978), also known as Møller Nielsen, Moeller or SMN Art.

Unique Edition | The mission on O2C is to present unique digital art collection that's available for a very unique edition as an NFT - There can be only one.

No current sales | There are no direct sales directly from One2collect. Sales will only be available as unique NFT´s.

What is NFT? | NFTs Explained here.

NFT Sales | Limited NFT sale will begin in march 2021 on Opensea.io. Only Limited Quantities will be available in 1# of 1 - So there will be only one to collect.

O2C | One2collect Digital Art

Validated Unique Digital Art |

Why sell as NFT? The NFT blockchain actually takes provenance (otherwise known as the record of ownership) and the ability to verify scarcity to another level, because there's no way to forge the ownership of a piece of property by changing the distributed publicly available record without the authority of the owner and consensus of the network.

The Art of Less is more |

O2C will only sell very limited time and selection of Digital Art.  We appraise the concept of less is more. Less is more is based on the value of simplicity and that by having less, you can create a life of more. You can still feel secure and happy with less because you are gaining so much more value in your life.